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Salame Toscano


2x Salame Toscano packs (12 slices each)


Salame Toscano is an authentic Italian salami cured in the Parma region of Italy and aged for 20 months before coming to the US to be sliced and packed. Seasoned with pepper, garlic and fennel, this newest add-on from our partners, Maestri D'Italia, elevates the flavor of any pizza (red, white, or green sauce)!

See ingredients and nutrition info.

2-pack of Salame Toscano is only available as an add-on to pizza packs. To purchase this product, add a pizza pack with 6+ pizzas to your cart. In the cart, the option to add meat toppings to your order will appear. Select Salame Toscano and click "add."

Ingredients & nutrition

Ingredients: Pork, sea salt, fennel seeds, dextrose, spices, sodium ascorbate, sodium nitrite, potassium nitrate, lactic acid starter culture, garlic powder

Nutrition info

Frequently asked questions

Where is the “add to cart” button for Salame Toscano? Is this item for sale?

Because this 2-pack of Salame Toscano is only available as an add-on to your pizza pack, you cannot purchase it alone. To purchase the Salame Toscano 2-pack as an add-on, first add any pizza pack with 6 or more pizzas to your cart. In your cart, you will then see the option to add a 2-pack of meat topping to your order in a section labeled "Finish making your pizza." Scroll to Salame Toscano and click the "add" button in the cart. You should see the Salame Toscano 2-pack under your pizza pack without the "add" button. You will have the ability to add a 2-pack of Salame Toscano to every pizza pack with 6 or more pizzas in your cart.

How do I remove the Salame Toscano 2-pack from my order?

To remove this Salame Toscano 2-pack from your order, click “remove” in the cart. You will see your subtotal go down in price and the section to “finish making your pizza” appear in your cart again once the Salame Toscano is removed.

How will I receive the Salame Toscano if I order it?

The Salame Toscano will be inside your box of pizzas inside an insulated envelope. The Salame Toscano may be frozen upon arrival. If this is the case, make sure to thaw the Salame Toscano completely before adding it to your pizza (suggested use is to add thawed Salame Toscano to fully cooked Talia di Napoli pizzas OR place it on the frozen pizza and cook in the oven for a crispy meat topping)

How many packs of Salame Toscano can I order at once?

You can only order one 2-pack of Salame Toscano (24 slices total) per pizza pack, and cannot order the Salame Toscano by itself.