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Better pizza for a better world

At Talia, we are continuously striving to be a company of the future. As young entrepreneurs, we believe that sustainable innovation is the only way forward. As such, we are very conscious of the important sustainability challenges that our planet is faced with, and we want to ensure that we help to improve our planet’s ecosystem. Our products come from the earth, and we want to protect it.

Reduce, offset, give back! This is our motto here at Talia di Napoli. First and foremost, we are constantly working to find new ways and technologies to minimize our carbon and waste. In parallel, we are working on key initiatives to offset whatever carbon we emit and waste we produce. Finally, as Talia grows and new technologies emerge, we will not only make it our mission to give back to our environment but also to reduce our impact wherever possible.

Carbon Neutral Certification

In partnership with Agendi

Becoming Carbon Neutral was the natural step to ensure that Talia offsets its carbon footprint on the environment. We pride ourselves on making all our pizzas in our hometown of Naples, Italy, because this is where we can locally source the natural ingredients that make our pizza the best on the market.

To achieve this, we decided to partner with Agendi to ensure we offset any carbon emitted during our production process in Naples, Italy and in the journey of our pizzas from Naples to your tables.

Agendi, refers to a Latin word meaning “what needs to be done.”This is an acknowledgment of the global call to action for a climate secure future. Agendi’s mission is to is to unlock the potential of businesses and leaders to drive action on climate and sustainability.

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Our Current Initiatives


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Plastic Neutral

In partnership with Cleanhub

Becoming Plastic Neutral was also a natural step to ensure that we are not introducing more plastic waste into our ecosystem. As a company we are continuously looking for ways to minimize our use of plastic. This is why we chose to partner with Cleanhub in our mission to collect plastic and remove it from our ecosystem.

CleanHub is dedicated to protecting and preserving our oceans by empowering brands to minimize their plastic footprint. With their network of collection hubs located in high impact locations around the world, Cleanhub focuses on collecting nonrecyclable plastics as they make up 80% of all ocean plastic.

Find out more on our Impact Report on Cleanhub’s website.

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Talia's Plastic Collection Tracker


We are continuously working on new initiatives to try and reduce our carbon footprint.

Ingredient Sourcing

All of our ingredients are locally sourced in Italy (some cheese comes from wider Europe) to maximize short supply chains and minimize our carbon footprint.


Our traditional wood-fired ovens only use wood that is sustainably sourced from forests where logging is regulated by the Italian government.


All of our product import from Italy to the US is done via cargo ships in bulk. While significantly slower, we avoid using airplanes as they are more polluting than cargo ships.

Your delivery box

To ensure that your pizzas arrive frozen to your tables, our last mile shipping boxes are packed with a sustainable & compostable insulator. We have partnered with Greencell Foam to produce eco-friendly insulators that are fully biodegradable.


We care about the paper that we use. Our individual pizza packaging sleeves are made with 95% recycled paper. In addition, all our flyers and even our business cards are made of recycled paper!