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Refund Policy

Package Insurance

We have partnered with Route to offer insurance on all orders placed on our website at (“Package Insurance”). Package Insurance provides coverage for (1) defrosted packages, (2) lost packages, (3) damaged packages or (4) stolen packages. If you have incurred any one of these four issues, please visit or the Route App (available on your app store of choice) to file a claim with Route.

All insurance coverage under the Package Insurance shall be subject to the full terms and condition of Route’s policy as it may be revised or updated from time to time. It is your responsibility to review Route’s terms and conditions to satisfy yourself of the coverage and claims process under the Package Insurance. Your order on our website at shall constitute your acceptance of the terms of our refund policy and Route’s insurance policy. We will not be liable, if for any reason, all or any part of the Route website is restricted to users or unavailable at any time or for any period.

Order Issues and Inquiries

For any order issue or inquiry not covered by the Package Insurance (e.g. packages with wrong assortment or packages with missing items), you can reach us at Please note that claims for damaged orders must contain both proof of purchase as well as photographic proof of damages to be considered for reships and/or refunds.

Provided a claim has been submitted with the Talia Customer Support Team within fourteen (14) days following the delivery with valid proof of purchase, the Talia Customer Support Team may, in its sole and absolute discretion, process a refund, store credit, product exchange or discount, of the purchase price of the product(s) purchased, less the original shipping and handling costs, including a deduction of any fees charged by payment processors or banking institutions.

For expedited service whenever filling a claim, please provide the following items: (1) Order Number, (2) Photo(s) of the assortment you received highlighting the issue at hand.

Order Modification/Delivery Address Updates

In order to update your order (including shipping address) after you've made a purchase, you must contact Customer Support at Please note that while we will make every effort to accommodate your request(s), it is not possible to modify orders that have already been processed by our fulfillment centers.

Returns and Exchanges

Given the perishable nature of our items, we do not offer returns or exchanges. 

Refund & Reship Processing

If a refund has been approved by us for any claims not covered by Package Insurance, a credit will automatically be applied to your credit card or original method of payment; please allow up to 7 business days for the credit to appear. We will send you a confirmation email when the refund has been submitted. We reserve the absolute right to provide a store credit or discount in place of a refund or to reject, in full or in part, any request for a refund, store credit, product exchange or discount entirely.


Once your reshipment is approved, please allow up to 7 business days for your replacement order to ship. We will send you a confirmation email once the replacement order has been created and once it has shipped. 

Missing Your Refund or Reshipment?


Did you receive a confirmation email?


If 7 business days have passed and your refund has not arrived in your bank account or you have not received a reshipment confirmation email please reach out to us at

Identifying a Defrosted Pizza

A defrosted pizza will be soft throughout the pizza and may have visible water droplets on the inside of the plastic wrapping.

If your pizzas arrived in a defrosted state, please file a claim with Route under the terms and conditions of their Package Insurance ( or the Route App). 

Understanding When Order is Lost

An order is considered lost, if carrier tracking number never updates or confirms the order status as “delivered”. If carrier tracking shows no movement or looks to be stuck in a particular location after 72 hours from receiving a shipping notification, then that order may be considered lost.

If your order is lost, please file a claim with Route under the terms and conditions of their Package Insurance ( or the Route App).

Understanding When Order is Stolen

An order is considered stolen if carrier tracking number confirms the order status as "delivered," but your order has not been received. Please allow up to 48 hours from the day your order status was marked as delivered before considering your order stolen.

If your order is stolen, please file a claim with Route under the terms and conditions of their Package Insurance ( or the Route App).

Order Issue Exceptions

While we will make every effort to satisfy your refund or reshipment request we cannot offer a refund or reshipment for the following exceptions: (1) inaccurate shipping information, (2) order shipped correctly prior to modification request, (3) inability to deliver package due to absence of recipient at destination upon delivery or due to a closed business upon delivery (both residential and business addresses), (4) negligence to retrieve packages in a timely manner upon delivery, (5) force majeure event outside of our control and our foresight. 

Additional Information

By clicking the 'Place Order' button, you confirm that you have read, understood, and accepted our Terms & Conditions as well as our Refund Policy, and Privacy Policy.

We may change our policies related to refunds, store credits, reshipments, or discounts, including any terms of use, at any time without notice to you.