Heating Instructions – Talia di Napoli


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How to wake Talia up:


Preheat the oven: 370º F for a gas oven, 400º F for an electric oven/toaster oven. Use the “bake” function, with heating elements on both the top and the bottom. Please, do yourself a favor, no microwave, no convection.

Take Her Out

Remove all packaging. Talia’s can be placed in the oven either straight out of the freezer, or after having been let outside for a few min (5min to 1hour)


Insert the pizza on the middle grill. Remove all obstacles to allow heat to circulate. Give Talia 8 to 10 minutes recommended. For a more crisper pizza allow for 2-3 more minutes in the oven.


Enjoy actual Neapolitan pizza made with actual Italian ingredients by actual Italians. Share your experience with #taliapizza