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Frequently Asked Questions

Online Store Closure Questions

Why aren't you selling pizzas online anymore?

We are closing down our online store due to a series of reasons centered around the economics of this channel compared to that of our retail/wholesale channel. After considering many options, closing down the online store made the most sense for the business

Is the quality or taste of the pizzas affected?

Not at all. The quality and flavor of each and every pizza we produce has never been compromised. You can be assured that the pizzas you order through the next few weeks will be as premium as the pizzas you’ve always ordered from us!

Will you be bringing back any pizzas that are currently out of stock?

No. What is on our website currently is what is available. We do have Margherita (regular and GF) and Mozzarella pizzas in select grocery stores, which can be found here:

What do I do with my Pizza Perks Program points?

You should redeem any accumulated Loyalty Rewards points as soon as you can. Our Pizza Perks Program will no longer be active after 2.29.2024 at 11:59 PM EST or until our current inventory is sold out. There will be no exceptions.

What do I do if I have a gift card or sent someone a gift card?

If you or someone you've sent a gift card to has not redeemed it yet, please do so. Any outstanding gift card balances on or after March 1, 2024 (or until current inventory sells out) shall expire and be deemed unusable.

Talia di Napoli Questions

Are your pizzas really made in Italy?

Yes! Every single Talia pizza is madde by hand by our pizzaiolos (pizza chefs) in Naples, Italy. We use the same age-old process as the local Neapolitan pizzerias.

Where can I follow you on social media?

Click on the platforms to follow us on TikTok and Instagram.

Our Proprietary Artisanal Process

How are Talia pizzas made?

Each pizza is artisanally handmade by our own master pizzaiolo chefs in Naples, Italy. Literally! We use the same age-old process as the local Neapolitan pizzerias. We do not outsource any part of our production process, using all natural locally sourced Italian ingredients.  Read the full story behind our unique pizzas here.

Where can I find the ingredients for each pizza?

You can find a list of ingredients for every pizza on the respective product pages. Click the link titled "SEE INGREDIENTS AND NUTRITION INFO."

Where do you source your ingredients?

Each of our ingredients come from small farms in and around Naples, located in the Campania region of Italy. We work hard to source the small batch highest quality ingredients.

What is so special about your dough process?

Per the Neapolitan tradition our pizzas are made using only sourdough, and the finest 00 flour. Our dough is made with no added yeast or sugars, and it is left to ferment for 24 hours. This makes it lighter and easier to digest than other doughs.

Are all of your pizzas actually hand-made?

Yes, our master pizzaioli (pizza chefs) handmake every single Talia pizza (without the use of any mass production machinery) following the ancient Neapolitan tradition.

How do you bring your pizzas to the US?

Once our pizzas are “put to sleep” using our proprietary production process, they are then placed in frozen containers that travel across the Atlantic via ship. From there they are sent to one of our frozen fulfillment centers located in NJ, IL & NV.

How do you ship your pizzas to your customers?

We ship our pizzas in insulated packaging designed with insights from professors at Rutgers University Packaging Engineering School. Our packaging is eco-friendly and keeps your pizzas frozen and safe during their journey to your doorstep. Once your order arrives, we highly recommend placing the pizzas in your freezer as soon as you can.

What is your packaging made from?

Our insulated packaging is made from Greencell Foam. The foam is made from Corn Starch and the outer film is #4 PE recyclable. The foam panel can be dissolved in your sink, and is safe for pipes, septic and waste treatment facilities. It is compostable and can be burned cleanly as kindling. Visit their website for more information.

Dietary Questions

Do you offer Gluten-Free options?

Yes! We are pleased to offer our amazing Gluten-Free Pizzas, all made with our proprietary Gluten Free Crust recipe. Our GF pizzas are certified by Coeliac UK. To see our GF products, please visit our Gluten Free Collection

What do you use for your GF crust?

Our GF crust is made using our proprietary Gluten Free Crust recipe that took more than a year to perfect. It is made using Gluten Free Wheat Starch, Maize Starch, Buckwheat Flour and Rice Flour. You can also find the full ingredients list for each pizza on their respective product pages.

To note: our gluten free pizzas do not contain gluten, but they do contain wheat. While gluten free wheat starch is gluten free, it is not wheat free. If you have a wheat allergy of any kind, you will still experience adverse reactions as you would by consuming any other form of wheat.

Are you GF Certified?

Yes, we are. We are certified by Coeliac UK (Insert the Crossed Grain Logo). For more information about this certification visit their website by clicking here. 

What about vegetarian options?

None of our pizzas include any meat or meat toppings. With that being said our Fior di Latte Mozzarella cheese is made in accordance to Italian tradition that includes the usage of animal rennet (traditionally calf).

Are your pizzas Kosher or Halal

No, currently our pizzas are not certified Kosher or Halal.

What allergens do your pizzas contain?

Since our facility only makes our pizzas, there is no cross-contamination with items not present in our pies. However, traces of soy, milk, and wheat are present in most pizzas. All trace warnings and allergen info can be found on each product's respective page on our site.

Ordering, Receiving and Preparing Your Pizzas

When will my pizza be delivered?

Typically orders placed between Monday and Tuesday will be fulfilled the same week. Typically, orders placed Wednesday through Sunday will be fulfilled the following week. However, there are instances where orders may be fulfilled faster than indicated above. During high-volume sales times like winter holidays and site-wide sales, orders may take longer to be fulfilled. As soon as your order is fulfilled, you will receive an email from us with tracking info.

If I want my order by a specific day of the week or date, what should I do?

Unfortunately, due to operational constraints, we are unable to guarantee delivery by specific dates or days of the week. We recommend placing an order at least two weeks prior to the desired delivery time as we work on improving this process.

My tracking information hasn't been updated! What do I do?

Please allow up to 48 hours for the tracking link sent via email to display updated information. If your order has not been updated in over 48 hours, please email with your order number.

What carrier do you ship with?

We currently ship with FedEx Ground/Home Delivery and OnTrac (west coast only).

What if I am not home when the pizzas arrive?

We use dry ice to keep your pizzas frozen during their journey to your home. Dry ice will keep the pizzas frozen for some time after your scheduled delivery. When you get home, make sure to put them in the freezer as soon as you can. We always recommend tracking the package to assure the pizzas are placed in the freezer as soon as they arrive. We will not refund or reship an order that defrosts due to negligence to retrieve packages in a timely manner upon delivery.

Can I order Talia pizza to a business address?

Indeed, you can! Please keep in mind that we cannot offer a refund or reshipment of an order that defrosts due to the inability to complete a delivery due to a closed business upon time of delivery.

How do I handle the dry ice?

The dry ice is contained in our bespoke dry ice inserts that keep the dry ice isolated and you safe. Nevertheless, you should be cautious when handling it. An oven mitt or towel will work. Make sure to keep the dry ice away from the reach of children and to not inhale or ingest it. Keep it out of solid or tiled surfaces (it can cause damage). Leave it at room temperature in a well-ventilated area; you can also just throw it out with the box, as it will sublimate away.

I only have a microwave or convection oven, is that okay?

Our pizzas cannot be heated using a microwave. The delicate flavors and textures would be destroyed. If you have a convection oven, please make sure to put the convection setting on low (if possible) and keep your eye on the pizzas earlier than 9 minutes.  This will result in a crispier pizza.

I want different toppings; can I add my own?

Yes of course! We always recommend our Talia family members to customize/create their own recipes and find their inner pizzaiolo. Feel free to post any of your creations on either Facebook or Instagram and tag us @taliadinapoli.

I defrosted my pizza planning to eat it and decided not to. Can I refreeze it?

Unfortunately, you cannot. Once your pizza is fully defrosted, it needs to be heated or can be kept refrigerated up to 72 hours. If not used within that time frame, please discard and do not consume the pizzas. We recommend NOT refreezing.

Order Issues

Some or all of my pizzas in my order are incorrect or damaged. What should I do?

In the rare event that you receive a package of pizzas that contains incorrect or missing pizzas OR contains pizzas severely damaged or defrosted, please email with your order number, details of your issue, and any photos to support your claim. Please also read our Refund Policy to learn the best way to report your issue.

I think my package has been stolen or lost. What should I do?

Please visit our Refund Policy page for more information on how to resolve you issue Refund Policy

My shipping address was entered incorrectly, what should I do?

Do not worry, you are not the first one! Please reach out to us immediately at Do not forget to include your name, order number and updated shipping address in the body of the email. Generally, we will not be able to satisfy any address change requested after the order has been processed or shipped.

My gift card or promo code is not working/I did not receive my gift card. What should I do?

Do not worry! Contact us at the Talia Customer Support Team is at your disposal!

Can I eat a cracked or broken pizza?

Unfortunately, rough handling during transit by our shipping partners might result in breakage. As long as your pizza is not defrosted, the quality and flavor of the product will not be jeopardized. We I always recommend consuming and enjoying the broken pizza.

Miscellaneous Questions

I am hosting a large party, how many pizzas should I order?

We recommend a single pizza to be enjoyed by one or two people. Make your calculation accordingly

Can I save my pizza as leftovers and reheat it later?

We recommend that the whole pizza is consumed after it has been heated.

Pizza Perks Program (Loyalty) Questions

What is the Pizza Perks Program?

It's our new rewards program that lets you earn points towards discounts, free products, and even a trip to Naples. Head to our Rewards Page or read more in this blog article about it

Where can I find my Pizza Perks points balance?

Click here to log into your account. Once you enter your credentials and log in, you can view your points and your tier status on your Perks Page

How does the Pizza Perks Program work?

Once you create an account, you can earn points by engaging with Talia di Napoli and ordering from Once you have enough points, you can redeem them for perks, like discounts, free products, and experiences! You can find more information on the Perks Page or in this article!

What are these dropdown menus on my checkout page?

The drop down menus labeled "Discount Perks" and "Product Perks" are actually there to show you what available perks you have to apply to your order.

If you wish to redeem your points for one of your available perks, simply select it from the menu. Discount perks will reduce the order total by the discounted amount and product perks will be added to your cart, free of charge.

To remove perks from your order before you complete your purchase, simply click on the x associated with the perk and it will be removed. Points will not be deducted for perks that are removed from orders before purchase.

Where can I find my Tier status?

Click here to log into your account. Once you enter your credentials and log in, you can view your points and your tier status on your Perks Page

Why didn't I get points on my birthday?

If your birthday falls within 30 days after the date you set it up in your Perks Page, you will receive your points the following month. For example, if my birthday is on March 5, and I set it up on March 1, I would not receive my points until April 5th.

Can you give me more info about the Experience Perks?

Talia Pizza Party Q&A

How does the delivery work? Talia di Napoli will coordinate the delivery of pizzas from us as well as the additional items from our partners to arrive at a mutually agreed upon time at least 2 weeks from the time of redemption and within 60 days of redemption.

If I want to split the pizzas into smaller shipments, can I? Yes you can, but you will still have the full balance of the perk deducted from the start and you may only break the order into two 8-packs.

What if I live in a state where wine cannot be delivered or I do not drink alcohol? We will work with you to choose an equivalent non-alcoholic option to complete your pizza party experience

Trip to Naples Q&A

Does Talia cover any expenses pertaining to passport or travel visas? No

Does Talia cover transportation for this trip? Talia will provide economy-class, refundable round trip airfare for two people from their preferred US-based international airport to Naples, Italy and back. Travel to and from the airport or hotel will not be covered, nor will travel in Naples.

What will Talia cover in terms of accommodations? Talia will pay for a double occupancy room at a 4-star Naples hotel (chosen by you from options Talia provides) for four nights for the person redeeming the reward and a guest. Talia will not be responsible for room incidentals, meals, etc. associated with the hotel.

When can I book the trip? You can book your trip 90 days to 1 year from the day you redeem your points, with certain dates excluded. You will need to give Talia di Napoli 90 days notice of your intended travel dates and times. Excluded dates are at the discretion of Talia di Napoli and will be communicated to the customers at time of redemption.

What if I change my mind or cannot make the trip for some reason? If you cancel the trip within 30 days of departure date, you will not be given your points back (exclusions apply, at the discretion of Talia di Napoli). Cancellations made more than 30 days from departure date will result in regaining your points balance. Rescheduling possibility will be determined by Talia based on details of the trip.

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