The Spirit Of Italy On Your Table

Italy’s #1 Cocktail Paired with an Authentic Neapolitan Pizza To Bring You the Ultimate Italian Dining Experience

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Spritz & Pizza Night

This pack includes: 1x Aperol bottle (750ml), 1x Cinzano Prosecco (750ml) and 3x Talia Double Cheese Margherita pizzas

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Spritz & Pizza Party

This pack includes: 2x Aperol bottles (750ml), 2x Cinzano Prosecco (750ml) and 6x Talia Double Cheese Margherita pizzas

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Known for its unmistakable bright orange color, Aperol Spritz sparks joyful connections and invites cocktail lovers everywhere to create memorable shared experiences while embracing the Italian lifestyle of togetherness. As the #1 cocktail in Italy*, an Aperol Spritz pairs perfectly with pizza, setting the stage for the ultimate Italian moment during aperitivo hour and beyond!
For over 100 years, Aperol has been a beacon of Italian culture and lifestyle. Its uniquely delicious and slightly bittersweet taste is derived from an infusion of botanicals and citrus, such as oranges. Its recipe remains unchanged since 1919 and offers a delightfully balanced flavor, with floral, herbaceous, and highly citrus notes. Cin Cin!

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At Talia Di Napoli, we believe pizza is more than just a meal or a pastime - it's an art form, it's an obsession, it's a way of life. As proud fourth-generation Napolitanos, we started Talia Di Napoli to represent our beloved city's sacred pizza heritage using only time-honored traditions and the highest quality, all-natural ingredients. Now the world can taste authentic Neapolitan pizza - made in Italy, by master pizzaiolos, using their all local ingredients - without ever having to get on an airplane.

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