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Talia di Napoli's Pizza Perks Program

Talia di Napoli's Pizza Perks Program

We've launched a brand new loyalty rewards program and we're really excited about it. While most features are pretty easy to understand, we've given you the full run-down, including the fine print, so you can get everything you need to know all in one place.

Before we jump into the deep dive, here are some of the basics

The Pizza Perks Program Quick Info

You've probably gathered that the name of the program is called the Pizza Perks Program, so the crosses off one need-to-know item from the list. Other items:

  • If you already have a Talia account, you already have a Perks Program account. Otherwise it's free to join
  • The Pizza Perks Program page is here
  • You can earn points by setting up an account, following us on socials, ordering Talia (of course), reviewing your purchases, and signing up for our SMS program.
  • You also get points bonuses when you enter our highest program tier AND on your birthday
  • We have 3 program tiers: bite, slice, and pie. You advance tiers based on dollars spent on Talia di Napoli
  • Our perks are a mix of discounts, free products, and free experiences including a trip to Naples, Italy!

Now we can get into the deeper dive for each section, starting with setting up your account.

Pizza Perks Program Accounts

If you already have a Talia di Napoli account, you automatically already have a Pizza Perks Program (PPP) account. You can simply log into your existing account and head to the Perks Page and you should see that you already have been given 100 points for setting up an account. 

If you have never set up an account with Talia di Napoli, head to the account creation page to create one. Once this has been complete, you can head to the Perks Page (where you will have your first 100 points awarded for setting up an account).

Once your are logged in, the Perks Page will be the place where you go to earn points and redeem them for perks. You will also be able to track your tier status as well. 

Earning Points 

 There are several ways you can earn points within the Pizza Perks Program. Below is a list of everything along with each item's associated points. Items marked with an * have changing point values based on your Program Tier (explained in detail in the Tiers section)

  • Create an account - 100 points
  • Sign up for SMS - 100 points
  • Follow us on Instagram - 50 points
  • Follow us on TikTok - 50 points
  • Purchase Talia through our website* - 1 point per $1 spent
  • Celebrate a birthday* - 300 points
  • Leave a review on a purchased product - 50 points
  • Add a photo to your review - 25 points
  • Add a video to your review - 25 points

Specific Points Call-Outs

  1. Points expire after 12 months of inactivity. So in theory, you can save all your points up for a year from earning your first ones until they start to expire.
  2. If you are already an SMS subscriber, you should see that you've already been given 100 points , even though this step will not be marked "complete" in your Ways To Earn section of the rewards page. If you have not received your points, but are a member of the SMS program, contact customer service through the contact us form on the bottom of the website
  3. If your birthday falls within 30 days of the time you set it up, you will not receive your points until 30 days after your birthday
  4. You cannot receive points for any Talia di Napoli purchases made in retail stores or through third party sellers like Instacart. Only purchases made through or our own Talia di Napoli facebook/IG shop will be eligible for points.
  5. Points will be awarded for the price of the product purchased, excluding tax and shipping. If you cancel your order or get your order refunded, your points will be deducted from your balance
  6. Talia will be offering opportunities in the future to earn points by taking surveys, setting up profiles, and more. Users will be notified of these opportunities via email when they become available.

Program Tiers

We have 3 program tiers: bite, slice, and pie. You can advance to each tier by meeting the spend threshold (price of purchase after discounts, but before taxes and shipping) within a 12 month period. Each tier has a set of features associated with it. Once you enter a new tier, you have 12 months in that tier before you reset to the first tier. Below is an illustration of the tiers and their designated features. 


NOTE the birthday points and the points per $1 spent increase as the tiers advance 


now, it's time for.....

The Perks

This is probably the part you've been waiting for, and we commend you on your patience! Your perks are rewards that can be redeemed with points and are honestly what makes our program different (and better) than most. The more typical perks we offer are:

Discount Perks

  • These perks are exactly what you think they are--they're coupons for the amount off your order. You can earn the following discount perks for the points listed
    • o $15 off – 500 points
      o $30 off – 1250 points
      o $45 off – 1700 points
      o $60 off – 2200 points
      o $75 off – 2600 points
  • You can redeem your points for these perks right in your Perks Page OR at checkout.
    • If you redeem via Perks Page, you will be given a code on the page as well as emailed to you. This code can be used right away, or saved for later because it does not expire. Because you have your code to use whenever, your points will be deducted at redemption regardless of when the code is used. This code will be applied like a promo code in the checkout page.
    • To redeem at checkout, you essentially get your cart ready and head to the checkout page. There, you will see a Discount Perks dropdown menu. Select your discount perk and it will be applied to your order. Once you've completed your purchase, points will be deducted from the balance. If you decide you do not want to use the code, you can click the X associated with the code and no points will be deducted.
  • Discount perks cannot be used with other promo codes, other discount perk codes, or during sitewide sales. They can be used with free product perks and gift cards, though.


Unlike most brands, we are also offering perks in the form of products and experiences. 

Product Perks

    • We're  offering you our Pizza Toppings Trio (500 pts) any 2 pack of meat toppings (750 pts) and any one of our four Sampler Packs (2000 pts)
      • To redeem, get your cart ready WITHOUT the product you'd like. Head to checkout and select the product perk of choice from the Product Perks dropdown. The product will be added to your order, free of charge, and your points will be deducted once you complete your purchase.
      • The meat toppings as a perk must also only be added to an order with a pizza pack of 6 or more pizzas that does NOT already have an add-on in the cart
      • If you decide you do not want to redeem your points for a product perk, go back to your cart and remove the item before continuing with your purchase. No points will be deducted.
      • These product perks can be used with discount perks, promo codes, and during sitewide sales.
    • We are also offering a Tovala Smart Oven Pro as a product perk (6500 pts). This oven is so cool--not only is it a toaster oven with 6 settings, including air-fry  and a STEAM (what?!), it perfectly cooks everything down to the second and the degree. Chefs have tested the exact temperatures and times to get the absolute best foods, which you can access through scanning barcodes of the foods that are listed in their accompanying app. The oven puts itself to the ideal cooking settings once you select the foods you want prepared.  The best part? Most of Talia's pizzas have been tested by the company so your oven is already programmed to blow your mind even further with perfect cooking.
      • To redeem, you must email with your email address associated with your account and put "Points Redemption for Tovala Oven" in the subject. So long as you have enough points for this perk, our team will coordinate the delivery of your oven (which must occur within 45 days of your redemption) and manually deduct your points from your balance once confirmed.

Experience Perks

We are offering two experiences (perhaps even more in the future) and though these require more points, you'll see why

  1. Talia Pizza Party - 7500 points What is this? It's Talia di Napoli sending you 16 pizzas (yes, you can break this into two orders of 8 pizzas and they can be ANY assortment you'd like), and 4 packs of add-ons (in any combo you'd like), 6 bottles of Italian wine, and a bougie pizza cutter and board.
    • You must live in a state that allows alcohol to be delivered to you AND be over 21 in order to receive the wine. If you do not, or if you do not drink, we will work with you to find a mutually agreed upon high-end sparkling seltzer or non-alcohol equivalent.
    • The wines will be determined by Talia and pair best with your pizzas, and will be chosen when you've set your delivery date. You will be given 12 bottles to choose from and you may select any combination of the 6 you'd like.
    • The board and cutter will be selected by Talia and will vary depending on the time of delivery. 
    • To redeem, you must email with your email address associated with your account and put "Points Redemption for Talia Pizza Party" in the subject. So long as you have enough points for this perk, our team will coordinate your delivery dates (which must occur at least 14 days after your redemption and within 60 days of redemption) with you and manually deduct your points from your balance once confirmed.
  2. Trip to Naples, Italy - 50,000 points THIS IS THE BIG ONE. Talia di Napoli will take you to Naples. This includes round-trip airfare between the US and Naples for you and one guest plus four nights in a 4-star hotel in Naples, Italy. Instead of bringing Naples to your tables with our pizzas, we're bringing your tables (errrr...we mean you) to Naples.
    • Talia will cover refundable round-trip airfare in economy plus for you and a guest from a US international airport and Naples airport AND 4 nights in a 4-star hotel in Naples. The perk does not cover travel to/from airports or in Naples, and it does not cover hotel incidentals, meals, drinks, etc. Talia will, however, provide a detailed list of all recommendations, travel tips, and any applicable promo codes for you before you depart.
    • Travel must occur between 90 and 365 days from redemption, and Talia must be given 90 days notice for the intended dates. You will coordinate all the details with the team and be given hotel options and flight options so that you are given the best experience ever!
    • To redeem, you must email with your email address associated with your account and put "Points Redemption for Trip to Naples" in the subject and your intended travel dates (or rough timeline, if beyond 90 days from redemption). So long as you have enough points for this perk, our team will coordinate the details with you and manually deduct your points from your balance once confirmed.

You did it! That's the end of the blog post. If you have specific questions, please check out our FAQs or contact our customer support page.


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