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Pizza of the Month: Gluten Free Margherita

Pizza of the Month: Gluten Free Margherita

Talia di Napoli is definitely not the first brand to produce a Gluten Free Margherita Pizza. However, we believe we might be the first brand to produce the BEST gluten free Margherita pizza (but this opinion might be a little biased). But come on, look at her:

gluten free margherita pizza

But seriously-we do have real reason to believe Talia di Napoli's Gluten Free Margherita is a star among the other Gluten Free pizzas out there for a number of reasons.

The Ingredients

gluten free margherita whole ingredients tomato mozzarella basil salt parmesan

Our ingredients are whole, natural, Italian-sourced, and at a level of quality we ensure is the of the highest possible level. Most Gluten Free crusts have artificial ingredients used to thicken the dough, which impacts texture and flavor. Because our Gluten Free Margherita contains nothing artificial, no GMOs, no additives, etc. and because the ingredients it does contain are of such a premium standard, it's a no-brainer that the pizza outshines most in this category.

The Process

Our pizzaioli used their mastery of pizza making to create a specific process for stretching the gluten free dough:

Remember, our pizzas are all made by trained Neapolitan pizzaioli. They know exactly how to create perfect, authentic pizza every time. The fact that we have a special process created by them for the Gluten Free Margherita is more than just a humble brag!

The Taste

The ingredients and the process are all well and good, but did we mention the taste? Well we obviously love the cheesy, tomato-y, crispy-crusted celiac-safe slices of heaven, but so do other people. See below for some verbatim reviews:

Facebook review of gluten free margherita pizza

 shopify review of gluten free pizza

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