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Why They Love Talia

The combination of Pompeii-grown tomatoes, fruity olive oil,
 24-hour-risen dough, and mozzarella made from the cows of Vesuvio transported me right back the pizzerias of my neighborhood

I tried two pizzas… In both cases, no bite was left behind... [but] what stood out to me most was the freshness of the basil; it tasted as if I’d placed it there myself…

I think I've found the best of the best frozen pizza out there in Talia di Napoli pizza... these are truly a different experience and feel like an actual treat...unlike frozen pizzas of yore.

The pizza truly transported me right back to the center of Naples, Italy. The pies are crispy on the outside, gooey on the inside and have that authentic Naples taste to them.

Talia di Napoli frozen pizza tastes so unbelievably good, you'd think you were dining al fresco in a little Italian alleyway with each and every slice...


Each Talia di Napoli pizza is handmade by trained pizzaioli in our pizza production facility in the heart of Naples. The pizzaioli use all natural Italian ingredients and traditional pizza-making techniques to give your tastebuds a full Neapolitan experience with every slice!

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We're committed to delivering you a premium experience while still protecting the planet. From production in Italy through delivery to your door, Talia di Napoli is certified carbon- and plastic- neutral and always uses eco-friendly packaging.

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